OTBMS (Online Travel Booking System) is a comprehensive, robust, efficient and cost effective XML based E-Commerce solution designed by the Maco InfoTech. It is a one stop complete reservation platform providing an online booking portal on B2B and B2C platform.
The user friendliness of the Online Travel software is its main universal selling point. It dispenses online booking portal for flights, Hotels and cars as per different destinations and dates.
It provides all the solutions related to inventory, company, agents, booking, payments, suppliers, company conversion and profit management. Booking creation, searching through date, destinations and packages, online payments, send query, XML upload/ download reports are other essential features of OTBMS.

Features for B2B and B2C modules

Admin panel


  • Hotel Room and Rate Master
  • Hotel Negotiated Rate Module
  • Hotel and Room Category Master
  • Different Facilities Mapping with Hotel and Room
  • Hotel and Room Facilities Master
  • Room Category Mapping with Hotel
  • Hotel Distance Mapping
  • Room Allocation Master
  • Cancellation Policy Master
  • Daily Update of Rate and Room Allocation
  • Stop Sales/ Blackout Dates
  • Offers Master (Supplement, Early Bird, Free Nights, Long Stay)
  • Transfers Negotiated Rate Module:
  • Country/City and Different Zone Master
  • Transfer Program Mapping Master
  • Vendor Wise Rate Master
  • Vehicle Category Master
  • Transfer Cancellation Policy, Accommodation Master and more.
  • Transfer Details/Condition Master
  • Car Negotiated Rate Module:
  • Country/City Master
  • Zone/Area Master
  • Car Station Master
  • Car Equipment Master
  • Car/Car Category Master
  • Car Vendor Master
  • Car Fair Master
  • Vendor Wise Car Mapping
  • Car Pickup/drop Location Masters
  • Complete Package Master with Category, Fact and Component
  • Package Negotiated Rate Module
  • Package Inclusion/Exclusion with Destination Wise Fact Master/Mapping
  • Package Costing and Itinerary Master
  • Package Destination Wise Fact Mapping
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Package Hotel Mapping

Back office

Booking manager

  • Voucher
  • Invoice
  • Email service

Company management

  • Company Details
  • Company Branch
  • Upload sliding image
  • Tax addition

Staff management

  • Staff addition
  • Role masters
  • Role mapping

Agent Management

  • Add agent
  • Agent status
  • Agency ledger
  • Top up recharge

Markup/Profit management

  • B2B
  • B2C

Supplier management

Manage Booking payments

Currency conversion rate


  • Daily sales report
  • Agent credit report
  • Supplier Payment deduction report

Booking Creations

  • On behalf of direct client
  • On behalf of agent

B2B Booking Module

  • Search Availability with Google Map
  • Service and Booking Details
  • E-Mail Notification
  • Balance Meter, Credit Limit,
  • Can Check Booking Status
  • Check Cancellation Policy before Booking
  • Print Vouchers and Invoices
  • User Role & Rights Management
  • Agent/Sub-agent Login

User Interface

  • Enhanced Searching
  • Searched result
  • Filters
  • Sorting
  • Result description
  • Search modification
  • Online Booking
  • Booking History
  • Send query
  • Email Notifications
  • Re-print Tickets

About us

  • Company overview
  • Our people
  • Mission & Vision