Maco introduces a completely web based fleet management system which is being user friendly comes at an affordable cost. It is developed and customized keeping the needs of commercial fleet owners and organizations in mind. You do not require any specific training to use this software. You can maintain stock records of automobiles and spares, and also benefit from the facility of auto generation of invoices and reports which provides the complete administration and comprehensive information of the business and its operations at different levels.

There are many benefits that you get like a general accounting package, purchase order, sales invoice, keeping track of all supplier and customer related activities with ease. You will be provided with a comprehensive user guide.

Maco is not your typical software house that's just focused on the technology element of the solution, instead Maco is comprised of experienced ex-fleet personnel, who understand the barriers to effective fleet operations, and will work with you to develop a fleet program which is flexible, intuitive that matches all your fleet needs perfectly. Instant Access To Detailed Reports On All Of Fleet Managed Services

The power of our software comes from how much knowledge it stores. From standard operational reports to kilometer tracking, fuel and vehicle expenses reports, everything you need to know is a click away. We constantly monitor and track every vehicle to maximize fleet utilization.

Powerful Modules for Accurate Reporting In Real-Time:

  • Online Vehicle Booking Module
  • Online FBT Module
  • Fuel Management Module
  • Registration Management Module
  • Service & Maintenance Module

  • Features:

  • Dashboard
  • Reservation
  • Receipt
  • Car Out
  • Car In
  • Payment