Call Log Management System software is all about customer query management (customer queries allotted to the company’s employee). The Call Tracking System manages employee data, customers query records and other relevant details. Our Call Management System meets the needs of Customer’s call management, timely work allocation to employee, work status reports, resolving the unsatisfied calls and customer update.




  • a) Create Company
  • b) Create Branch
  • c) Location
  • d) Department
  • e) Category
  • f) Issue
  • g) Export Data to Excel


  • a) Complain logging
  • b) Complain Number allotment
  • c) Complain Assign to concern department/Person
  • d) Employee can update his status
  • e) Admin/Manager can check the status of the Employee
  • f) Remarks by the Manager
  • g) If Resolved / closed at any stage then mail goes to first user of requested as well.
  • h) If haven’t resolved then can reopen the call
  • i) Complain review with details and can export to excel
  • j) Every action gives a Mail confirmation to concerns users

Controls description

  • a) Admin can creates masters, create managers, create users (workers), log call, re-open call, check all calls reports, make users active/inactive.
  • b) Manager can view his and his user’s call list, reopen his user’s call, log new call
  • c) User can view his call list, Edit his calls, update his call status, and change his password.

System Settings

  • a) Create User
  • i) Role definition for User (Manager, Public User etc)
  • ii) Active or Inactive User
  • iii) View/ Edit the users
  • (iv) Export Data to Excel
  • v) Assigns manager to the Employees

Mail Intimation (Process)

  • 1. At every action mail goes to upward and downward direction.
  • 2. If Resolved / closed at any stage then mail goes to first user of requested as well.
  • 3. User login Page: User Id is compulsory for every user.


  • a. Requested
  • b. Resolved / closed request


  • a. List- Issue Raised
  • b. List- Issue Resolved
  • c. List- Issue Pending
  • d. List- Issue Closed
  • e. List-Active / Inactive User (User/ Tech)
  • f. List-Predefined Issues
  • g. Search form Data Export in Excel