It is an online web based real time multi companies and branches, multi users accounting application having a backbone of 30 years of an experience of a Chartered Accountant.
With an experience of more than 30 years in the kitty, we understand the pain area of the traditional accounting users, Chartered Accountants, etc and provide the user the best accounting software with less time consuming and enhanced efficiency.

To provide easy solutions and services, we have developed a simple, easy accessible and user friendly accounting application, which includes every aspect of accounting.

Why Cloud:

Data can be accessed in real time, view and work anywhere, anytime, can work on several reports at a time. It is an independent system, easy to implement, easy to help, guide and supports, low resource cost in a way.


  • Common accounts ledgers and groups creation from h/o to all branches.
  • • Control all branches from one location or h/o
  • • Yes it’s very simple presentation and easy working for all transactions like payment, receipt, journal, sale and purchase etc.
  • • No need of mouse while doing any transaction.
  • • Use enters & tab key to move forward and esc key to move back.
  • • Accounts balance display while doing transactions
  • • New ledger creation while doing transaction.
  • • Freely accessible of all menus /links
  • • Distributed & detailed level of all reports
  • • 360 degree accessible of all reports
  • • Block / un-block periodically or particular entry.
  • • Print invoice and voucher any time.
  • • Merge ledgers to another ledger.
  • • Pass a particular entry to other ledger.
  • • Easy deletion of ledgers
  • • Whole ledgers print in a click.
  • • Easy bank reconciliation.
  • • Multi-branch auto consolidated balance sheet & p/l statement.
  • • Multi-branch auto consolidated detailed level trail balance.
  • • Easy h/o and branch reconciliation.
  • • Simple and secure multi-user authorization.
  • • Single user can access multiple branches having different access of pages and vice-versa.
  • • Stock valuation
    • o FIFO method
    • o Batch-wise method
    • o Car Vendor Master
  • • Auto linked stock valuation to balance sheet & p/l statement


1. General Setting

  • a. Company/branch details
  • b. User/Role Profile

2. User Authorization

  • a. Set user/role authorization to company
  • b. Set Permission to access the pages

3. Accounting

  • a. Group Creation
  • b. Ledger Creation
  • c. Payment
  • d. Receipt
  • e. Contra
  • f. Journal
  • g. Sale
  • h. Purchase
  • i. Debit Notes
  • j. Credit Notes
  • k. Bank Reconciliation

4. Inventory

  • a. Group/Department
  • b. Subgroup/Brand
  • c. Price type
  • d. Item Master
  • e. Item pricelist
  • f. Measurement Unit
  • g. Vendor/Supplier
  • h. Customer
  • i. Sale Person
  • j. Customer Pricelist
  • k. Item Purchase
  • l. Item Sale
  • m. Item Purchase Return
  • n. Item Sale Return
  • o. Auto Stock Evaluation

5. Branch Accounting

  • a. Consolidated Detailed Trial balance
  • b. Consolidated Balance sheet
  • c. Consolidated Profit & Loss Statement
  • d. HO/Branch Reconciliation
  • e. Consolidated Stock valuation

6. Reports

  • a. Balance Sheet
  • b. Profit & loss Statement
  • c. Trail balance
  • d. Subsidiary Books
  • e. Day book
  • f. Debtor Aging
  • g. Cash flow
  • h. Whole ledgers report
  • i. Stock Report
  • j. Sale report
  • k. Sale person report
  • l. Item report
  • m. Customer report
  • n. Vendor report
  • o. Many others.